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Our 3 in 1 F.O.D Bins are a self contained, environmentally friendly, semi automated oil disposal system. They are clean, hassle free and will eliminate oil spillage on the tarmac whilst at the same time emptying the old jet oil out of the can and draining them in to its internal 20 litre sump.

Our F.O.D Bins are easy to use and don’t require any maintenance. They are a highly visible, non corrosive and weather proof concealed unit which provides easy access to empty stored general rubbish, jet oil and empty oil cans. They conceal the oil drainage process with no spills making them environmentally friendly.

As demonstrated here, the cans are manually push fed into the can dispenser system, individually moving along each time a can is inserted.  The cans eventually travel through the 180 deg can tipping section where the oil gradually spills out as the cans get pushed further into the system.  The oil is drained through the perforated top lid in to the stainless sump below to gather the used jet oil and retaining it inside the 20 ltr tank.  Continuing the journey the can ends its cycle by falling into the 100 ltr recycling bin in the right hand compartment behind the door until it’s ready to be disposed.  This system is environmentally friendly with no spills on to the plane bays.

On the top right hand corner of the units lid there an oil can entry point marked ( jet oil can only).  Simply slide the can inside the units opening facing up right with the pierced holes at the top.  The oil will not spill out until its well inside the dispenser where the track system inside will do the turning over and disposing of the oil for you.

Frontline has designed and constructed a simple easy to use sliding door stop mechanism. The bracket comes into action only when the door opens past 95 degrees locking the door open.  This prevents the door from traveling any further and damaging the door or its hinges. Just a little lift of the brackets cross bar and it will side closed again with no restrictions.  This bracket will save you doors in many occasions especially when unexpected wind gusts catch the door when you least expect it and before you know it the door is ripped off the hinges. This is also a great feature just to hold the door open for you when you access the bins stopping the annoying flapping back and forth while you’re going about your business.