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Derek McBride – Director, acquired a foundation in steel welding and fabrication during his youth in Edinburgh City, servicing the city and surrounding towns. During this time, Edinburgh was experiencing rapid modernisation leading to involvement in projects ranging from heritage and historical sites, to modern high rise. When he left Scotland for Australia, he sought to bring with him his brand of hands on work ethics, quality production and excellent service, founding Frontline Fabrications in 2002.

The company now prides itself on its contribution to Sydney and its surrounding regions, having worked on projects ranging from bespoke, to ‘small builders’, to iconic large-scale projects. Frontline is known for its flexibility and versatility, with works found from Sydney Airport, to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Now equipped with nearly 20 years of experience in the steel trade, Frontline boasts a breadth of competency and capacity. Our in-house engineers and draftsman have never not seen a job, our workshop fabrication team is able to tackle even the most rigorous and complex design demands, and our site works teams are constantly tested to maintain standards of quality, safety, speed and effectiveness.

Frontline values a satisfied client first and foremost, and will endeavour to use all its internal resources to see that manifest.


Frontline Fabrications have been providing Girvan Waugh with a high level of professional service on a varying range of project sizes and clients in the arenas of Education, Facilities, in particular the SCG and ATC (Randwick race course) and general structural works. Through out our relationship with them, FF have shown, and continue to demonstrate a great commitment to our projects. Their commitment is solution and programme driven, assisting and resolving engineering issues and difficult access instalments plus providing excellent onsite maintenance and welding in a timely and safe manner. Enjoying the services of Frontline Fabrications ensures we can provide the best in steel fabricated products to our clients, not limited to, handrails, awnings and steel building structures. We highly recommend Frontline Fabrications without reservation to anyone looking for quality steel fabrication, on-site welding and installation.

Warwick Waugh (Director) Girvan Waugh Pty Ltd

I can vouch that Frontline’s promised service was delivered. Frontline were met with the challenge of a tight timeframe to deliver the required steelwork for the project but assured Downer that they could meet the target dates.

Frontline worked in with the schedule with constant communication and were flexible in prioritising certain parts of the steelwork to fit in with the construction schedule to ensure the critical path was maintained.

Any issues or rectifications required were undertaken promptly either on or offsite without complaint and any additional minor work required by Downer was immediately attended to on a rates basis with no slow-down in productivity.

I would have no problem in recommending Frontline for future work based on the experience I had with them on my project. We look forward to working together again in future.

Kari Torpstrom (Senior Project Manager) Downer

I have worked with Derek McBride and the Frontline team on a few projects now and have been very happy with the service and speed and quality of steel work they provide. I recently engaged Derek on a prject at Star City Casino to supply, fabricate and install over 50 tonnes of steel inside the casino in a living working environment. This was a particularly challenging project in terms of logistics and programme. Frontline were proactive in providing a solution that only met programme and budget but also drove the design development to ensure that the project ran smoothly. Frontline complied is ISIS' safety policies.

Michael Evans (Director) ISIS

We would like to extend to you and your employees our thanks for the professionalism and expedient manner in which the specialised fabrications and installations services have been carried out over the past 10 years. We appreciate that at times the requirements of specialised fabrications at a short notice and time frame were met with efficiency and quality, we also appreciate that 75% of these works were carried out during airport curfew hours of 2300hrs – 0500hrs. We look forward to continuing the association with the same high standard of professionalism in the future.

City of Botany Bay